Tribal voices outreach performance

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20% of income from music by Emily with participation of tribal groups is donated to the community concerned 

Dawn Into the Amazon

Morning Song

Rainman Sings

Agosta’s Anthem



Atsawidi Maria-Prayer


‘Outreach production ‘

“Burridge & Into the Amazon”

Along with her solo compositions Emily adds the sounds and experiences brought back from her times living with the Xavante . Singing is central to the Xavante culture and Emily was invited to record their songs.

With these recordings Emily has produced “Into the Amazon” and through the performance of this  production takes the audience on a brief journey into an Amazonian Indian village commencing with birds at dawn followed by recordings of songs sung by both groups and individuals which she accompanies with solo ‘cello compositions.

75 projected images accompany the “Into the Amazon” performance. Including photos of fauna and flora of the Amazon by kind permission of  Sue Cunningham and photos of Xavante tribes people taken by Emily.


A consummate musician, she also has a wonderful ability to communicate with her audience, rendering the whole performance as intimate as it is accomplished. The second half takes the audience on a fascinating journey into the world of the Xavante natives in the Amazon.

Striking photographic images and recordings of their prayers and songs are accompanied by Emily’s own haunting and lyrical cello music. It is peaceful, spiritual and atmospheric; a visual and aural wonderland into which the audience is gently drawn.”

Sarah Newitt (Rural tour concert promoted by Dorset Artsreach) 

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