Heart of Brazil Exhibition


‘Heart of Brazil’ is a multimedia exhibition based on the expedition of the same name. It consists of up to 200 large, high-quality photographic prints, information panels, maps, videos and soundscapes.

Heart of Brazil Exhibition - Penny Gallery

Heart of Brazil Exhibition - Penny Gallery, Kingston upon Thames

You can download a pdf file with comprehensive information about the exhibition here.

The exhibition has been staged at Gallery 32 in London’s West End, the Memorial dos Povos Indígenas Museum in Brasília, the Caixa Cultural Gallery in São Paulo and the Penny Gallery in Kingston upon Thames. We are always looking for new venues anywhere in the world.

The contents of the exhibition can be tailored to suit the venue, using a selection of the photographic prints. These are organised into several themes, to illustrate aspects of the lives, cultures and environments of Indian tribes in the Xingu basin.

Sue at the Heart of Brazil Exhibition, São Paulo

Sue at the Heart of Brazil Exhibition, São Paulo

Videos from the expedition and audio tracks complement the photographs and bring the images to life, and recordings of the ambient sounds of village life, singing and chanting add a dimension of authenticity to the images.

Essential to the exhibition is the presence of Sue and Patrick Cunningham. By hosting talks based on a guided tour of the exhibition, they maximise its educational and human interest value. During each exhibition, schools, universities and other interested groups are invited to these talks, which are tailored to the needs of each group. They generate lively and at times challenging Q&A sessions!