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In the digital world, information is at everybody’s fingertips, but often only at a very superficial level. Our outreach programme aims to make information about indigenous peoples accessible, interesting and entertaining, but also challenging and thought-provoking.


We have over 300 large prints from the Heart of Brazil Expedition and subsequent annual visits to the Amazon. These have been used in exhibitions in Brazil, the UK and the USA, including the Heart of Brazil Exhibition. In addition to the photos there are videos, sounds and artefacts, making our exhibitions an entertaining and informative multimedia experience. For more information click here.

At each venue we invite groups from schools, universities and social organisations to talks about the indigenous people and their situation.

We are always interested in new venues, anywhere in the world. If you have suggestions please contact us.


We have a growing programme of talks. Our illustrated talks are followed by lively discussions in the schools, universities and other organisations in Brazil and the UK we have visited. We introduce knowledge about alternative indigenous cultures to thousands of students. We tailor our talks to the audience to improve understanding about these people – their lives, their aspirations and the threats theat are affecting them.

If you represent an organisation which would benefit from one of our talks please contact us

Internet Resources

There is a great depth of information about the Xingu River and its people on this website. There are links to many other useful, interesting and fascinating internet resources. You are welcome to download any of the pdf files, which may be used freely for non-commercial purposes.

During the Heart of Brazil Expedition we uploaded regular posts to a blog, which remains available at The blog was translated into Portuguese for the BBC’s Brazilian website: Projeto Xingu.

There is a separate blog about our work with the Xavante Indians from the village of Marimbu on the Sangradouro Indigenous Territory: Working With the Xavante.

On our Media page you can find picture galleries and videos. Please note that the images and videos are copyright. If you want to make use of them, please contact us to ask for permission.

If you need to contact us you can do so by clicking here: email us.